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The needs of every individual are unique. At Serenity Home Care, we take a personalized approach to providing outstanding care to seniors and people with disabilities. In addition to our housekeeping, companion care, and personal care services, we’re pleased to provide a comprehensive range of nursing services.

Based in Beaverton, Oregon, we extend our in-home nurse care to clients throughout the area, including those in Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington counties. Discover more about the various nursing services we offer and the value of receiving quality care in your own home.

Our In-Home Nurse Care

To meet the specific needs of our clients, Serenity Home Care coordinates a variety of nursing services. Every in-home nursing service is carried out by highly trained professionals and carefully developed and performed to benefit the long-term well-being of our clients.

The types of nursing services we offer are as follows:

Assessing and Evaluating Client’s Health

An aging adult’s health can change rapidly. Therefore, their needs can also change over time. Our nursing services involve paying close attention to the current health status of our clients and updating our care plan as necessary.

Providing Medication Management

Many clients rely on medication to address a variety of health concerns. To be effective, patients must take medications as directed by the prescribing physician. Serenity Home Care caregivers are meticulously trained by our registered nurse (RN) to ensure every medication is administered correctly and safely.

Coordinating Client Care

Some adults may be under the care of multiple specialists and health professionals. Our caregivers make certain all health necessities are covered in a patient’s care plan and coordinate services accordingly.

Evaluating Individual Needs

To ensure we are continuously providing the best possible care and services, our caregivers reassess the nursing and medication needs of every client. Evolving factors may demand a change in approach – which we can accommodate.

Benefits of In-Home Nursing Services

Despite changes in health, mobility, or cognition, many aging adults prefer to remain in the comfort of their homes as long as possible. Nursing services offered by Serenity Home Care allow seniors to receive top-quality care in a setting they are familiar with and at ease in.

Additionally, in-home services provide patients with a more personal touch when it comes to receiving care. In the privacy of their homes, clients will receive one-on-one care. This type of attention can be very hard to come by in other settings outside the home. Home care also provides an opportunity for other family members to remain involved and maintain closeness with their loved ones.

Enrolling in in-home nursing services can also give loved ones the mental stimulation they need to continue living a positive quality of life. It allows them to converse with someone outside of their immediate family, which can provide them with new experiences, knowledge, and activities. It also ensures family members are receiving the care they require to keep them safe and healthy.

The Serenity Home Care Difference

Our team of trained, certified in-home care professionals is dedicated to providing clients with services that center on their well-being, independence, and safety. Serenity Home Care uses a client-focused approach to deliver personalized care to every patient. We begin your care with an in-home assessment, which allows us to get to know you and your family. We take this opportunity to better understand your or your loved one’s unique needs.

Once we’re familiar with the patient’s situation and have a good understanding of our role, our team gets started on crafting a custom care plan. All care plans are designed to meet the client’s every need without compromising their lifestyle.

Serenity Home Care is a full-service home care agency. In addition to our nursing services, we deliver several other types of in-home care to assist patients with daily tasks. Our other services involve:

Serenity Home Care is also licensed by the Oregon Health Authority Health Care Regulation and Quality Improvement Department and complies with the requirements of Oregon Administrative Rules Division 536 as a Comprehensive In-Home Care Agency. This allows families to rest assured that their loved one’s care is in good hands.

Get Started with In-Home Nurse Care in OR

At Serenity Home Care, we’re proud of our family roots. As a family-owned and operated home care agency, we lean on our family values to provide quality care to everyone. We treat both staff members and clients like family and take great pride in establishing and maintaining a network of interconnections within our local Oregon community. This helps our clients access the best resources possible.

Anyone in the Greater Portland and Beaverton, OR, area seeking in-home nurse care for themselves or a loved one should turn to the team of compassionate professionals at Serenity Home Care. To learn more about our comprehensive offerings or to speak with a team member, contact us today.

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