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Serenity Home Care provides an array of home care services, from assistance with various activities throughout the day to reviews of vital signs. Did you know that we also help patients with medication services and management? Medication treatments are critical to many patients’ well-being, yet they can be overwhelming to administer and manage daily.

For almost 25 years, Serenity Home Care has been assisting people with planning and organizing medication needs in the Beaverton, Oregon area, including Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties. Learn more about us and our medication services.

Assessing Your Needs

Human health care needs continually evolve at any age. For aging populations, prescription treatments and medications can be life-saving, though keeping track of how many and when to take medicines can start to feel overwhelming. Serenity Home Care will help your loved ones with in-home medication administration so that they can remain in their most comfortable settings even as they require more assistance.

As with all our home care services, we follow a specific process to determine the exact needs of each person we serve with caregiver medication management. This procedure includes:

  • Visiting potential patients to assess their needs and get to know them and their family
  • Custom-tailoring a program that accommodates the patient’s full needs
  • Providing a registered nurse who oversees and trains home care assistants to administer medications or aid the individual in managing their prescriptions

Medication services can significantly diminish the risk of missing or doubling up on doses. Though our home care assistants cannot change or alter medicines or doses, they monitor how medication treatments affect patients and regularly consult with nurses who can discuss medication changes with the individual’s physician and other specialists. This ensures treatment and medication services evolve as the patient’s needs change.

Creating Medi-sets

The number of doctors a person sees and the volume of medications they prescribe can add up quickly. For any person, managing prescriptions can become confusing, and it may be difficult to keep track of how many pills they need and the correct dosage for each. Our empathic personal home care assistants work with clients to plan and organize medi-sets that last for allotted times, making the medication-taking process simple and less stressful.

Medi-sets, or medicine organizers, allow home care aids to plan out medicines by type and quantity to take daily. This helps to remind patients to take their medicines and greatly reduces any chance of consuming the incorrect pills or taking too few or too many.

Patients can decide if they want their medications organized by week, month, or a custom duration – whichever approach makes the most sense for their situation. Medi-sets are often portable, making them easy for people to use at home, carry to appointments, or pack within luggage during overnight trips.

Professional Caregiver Medication Coordination

At Serenity Home Care, we understand that patients are much more than their medication routine. We also understand that medicine and health mean more than pills and injections. Medication can signify an exercise routine directed by a physical therapist, meal plans coordinated by nutritionists, or caring for an emotional support pet prescribed by a physician.

Our kind caregivers help individuals navigate this type of medication, as well. They aid patients and their families in coordinating with their healthcare providers to create a cohesive, comprehensive plan that covers all aspects of their prescription medications and treatments. This system enables clients to live a more full, independent, and dignified life in the comfort of their residences.

We strive to offer patients superior home care assistance. In addition to medication training for caregivers, we ensure all personnel maintain the qualities necessary to put families and their loved ones at ease, such as empathy, patience, and kindness.

Get the Treatment You Deserve at Home

Medication services and administering prescriptions are just a small part of the professional and compassionate in-home elder care services we provide at Serenity Home Care. We also offer nursing services, meal preparation, memory care, and similar assistance.

We are a professional and comprehensive homecare agency compliant with Division 536 of the Oregon Health Authority as an In-Home Care Agency. If you or someone you love in the Beaverton, OR area needs companionship and help with daily home activities, contact us for an in-home assessment.

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