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Woman Applying for Home Care - Beaverton, OR - Serenity Home CareWe Are Here To Support You.

Providing for a loved one could be difficult. We are here to help you with great in-home care services.

Get Personal Care You Can Trust

Serenity Home Care is dedicated to your care. We help you with everyday activities including bathing and taking medication. We provide nourishing care with compassion, so you can trust us with your loved ones.

We Are Trained For Your Care:

  • Oregon Health Authority, Health Care Regulation and Quality Improvement
  • Oregon Healthcare Association
  • IPCed


Serenity Home Care’s mission is to provide compassionate, quality and safe care and services to our clients in their homes.


  1. Provide service and care to our clients to help them function at their highest level
  2. Value our clients, by providing them with safe, compassionate and respectful care and services
  3. Provide individualized, client-directed care
  4. Promote our clients’ well-being

Services Provided & Classification Level

Serenity Home Care is licensed by the Oregon Health Authority, Health Care Regulation and Quality Improvement and complies with the requirements of Division 536 of the Oregon Administrative Rules as a Comprehensive In-Home Care Agency and therefore will provide the following services to our clients:

  1. Housekeeping tasks
  2. Personal care including medication reminding
  3. Medication services
  4. Nursing services

Consider Us When…

  • Concerned about a loved one’s safety and wellbeing.
  • Difficulty preparing meals or maintaining adequate nutrition.
  • Forgetting to take medication or taking the wrong dosage.
  • Difficulty coping with feelings of depression, anxiety or fear.
  • Difficulty remembering people, places or things that were once familiar.
  • Family or friends are no longer able to provide adequate care and support.

We Offer:

  • Affordable, customized, individual care plans.
  • Professional care oversight and advocacy.
  • Services that keep you independent, in control of your life and safe in your own home.

Discover In-Home Care Support With Us

We strive every day to give you the best care possible. From bathing and meal prep to nursing care and transportation, you will get personal care you can depend on.

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Serenity Home Care
Serenity Home Care
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