What to Expect as a Caregiver

Caring For A Loved OneIf your spouse, parent, or another loved one has recently become homebound, you may be stepping up to the plate as their new caregiver. And if you’re like many in this situation, you are looking for the answer to an important question – what does a caregiver do, exactly? Depending on the individual’s condition and needs, their care might be more difficult to execute than you’ve anticipated. Here, Serenity Home Care reviews what to expect as a caregiver and when calling in the professionals might become necessary.

Defining the Caregiver Role

Becoming a caregiver goes far beyond the normal support you’d offer a family member or loved one in need. Homebound individuals typically require assistance with the most basic daily needs and activities, from personal hygiene to medication management, so caregivers must be ready to help with such aspects of physical care. Caregivers also assist with errands and household chores, as well as provide transportation to appointments and meaningful companionship to the individual. On any given day, caregivers could be intensively attending to one’s health needs, or they could be sharing a meal and a game of cards with the person under their care.

The Challenges Caregivers Face

While caring for a loved one can be rewarding and enable them to age in place, it doesn’t come without its fair share of challenges. For one, the time commitment required of a caregiver can interfere with other daily responsibilities they have, from working a full-time job to looking after their children and pets. Watching a loved one’s condition progress can also be taxing in itself, and many non-professional caregivers often report feelings of depression, stress, and anxiety. Financial troubles can also arise, especially when caregivers are forced to miss work.

When to Call in the Professionals

Every day is different as a caregiver. As medical needs evolve, you may find that your loved one’s care requires the assistance of a licensed, trained professional. That’s where Serenity Home Care comes in and can make all the difference for a caregiver and their homebound loved one. If you’re a new caregiver and struggling to meet your loved one’s needs, know that our comprehensive agency is licensed by Oregon Health Authority, Health Care Regulation, and Quality Improvement. Our team can provide the in-home care needed to improve quality of life. Our services include the following and more:

  • Personal care services, including bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting assistance, nutrition, hydration, feeding, mental cognitive care, medication reminders, and incontinence care
  • Housekeeping and companion services, including light housekeeping, laundry, shopping, pet care, meal prep, preparation, and activities
  • Medication and nursing services, with oversight, training, and observation provided by our registered nurse

With our help, you’ll no longer have to wonder, “What does a caregiver do?” – our professionals will handle your loved one’s care so that you can get the most out of spending quality time with them. For more information about our services in Oregon’s Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties, contact Serenity Home Care today.

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