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Nurse Giving Pills To PatientIf you are finding that you could use some help handling your health and daily life, Serenity Home Care® provides the caregivers with expertise to make your life smoother. One of the many elder care services we offer is handling medication. From working with you to adapt to your evolving needs to planning out and organizing the medication you need to take every day, our caregivers will be there for you to lend a helping hand.

Assessment of Your Needs

Your health needs are constantly evolving and changing, which means your treatment should change with them. The whole process starts with our RN, who provides oversight and training of the caregivers so they are equipped with the skills needed to properly assist you with taking medications or administer medications themselves. The caregivers will conduct regular consultations with you and observe for any significant shifts that may be affecting you. Doing so can help ensure that you are not taking a larger dose of medication than needed, or even taking something that you do not need to take at all. In contrast, if a condition develops you can receive the care that you require quickly and efficiently. The flexibility and close attention provided by this continuing evaluation will help keep you healthy and ready to react to any possibility.

Creating Medi-Sets

When you are prescribed several medications you have to take on a regular basis, it can be confusing to keep track of when each dose should be taken, how much is needed and which pill you are supposed to consume. Our caregivers will work with you to create an organized plan that makes the whole process much less complicated. These Medi-Sets will break down the type and quantity of each medication you are supposed to take on a certain day. This not only reminds you to take your medicine every day, but also helps prevent you from taking too much or not enough. Medi-Sets can be organized over a time period that makes sense for you, whether it is every week or month. Some of these sets are portable so you can take them with you if you are away from your home for a long period of time and need to bring your medication on the go.

Coordinating with Other Medical Professionals

Other than medication, there are plenty of ways that you may maintain your health. This can include seeing a physical therapist, nutritionist or specialist. We believe that all of these parts of your treatment should come together to form one cohesive care plan. This means that our caregivers will work with the other healthcare professionals that you see to get a complete view of your medical needs. Maintaining this communication will keep everyone informed with the status of your health and determine if there are certain areas that need extra focus or can be relaxed. This full picture from everyone involved in your treatment, including you, will help find the best strategy for your unique needs.

Get the Treatment You Deserve

Organizing your medication and consulting with you and your healthcare professionals to accommodate your changing care needs make up just a small portion of the elder care services that we provide. Serenity Home Care® also offers nursing services, personal hygiene assistance, meal preparation, shopping services and more. If you are ready to receive assistance and design a custom care plan tailored to you, contact us for additional information.

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