Does Your Client Object to Their Medication?

Young caregiver explaining prescriptions to an elderly manWorking as an in-home caregiver for senior adults can be rewarding and joyous. It can also come with some distinct challenges, especially if the senior client that you are working with refuses to take their prescribed medication. While this can be very frustrating for everyone involved, there are some ways that you can approach this situation that will reduce stress and encourage your client to take his or her medication. Serenity Home Care is the Portland metropolitan area’s premier provider of in-home senior care services, with the expertise needed to work through tough situations. Here, we offer advice for dealing with someone who does not want to take prescribed medicine.

Talk to Your Client

When you encounter a situation where a client hesitates to take their medicine, or even outright refuses, consider why this might be. Your senior client could experience anxiety about taking medication. If this is the case, having a conversation with the client about the benefits of remaining strong and healthy by taking the medicine could calm the patient’s nerves and temper their anxiety. You are your client’s advocate, and if they feel comfortable with you, they could be more inclined to take their medicine.

The medicine could also smell or taste bad. If the medicine makes your client gag or if the client struggles to get a pill down, it might be time to talk to your client’s doctor. There might be alternatives that make taking the medication a more pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Consider Getting a Doctor Involved

When offering medication services for elderly clients, there are some situations that might get escalated too quickly. The client might flat-out refuse to take the medicine, and if this happens, you cannot force them. One good option, if this is the case, is to get the client’s doctor involved. A physician can explain the benefits of the medication and help encourage the client to take it. They might also be able to change the formula of the medicine, if that presents a problem, to something that is more palatable for the client. For example, a pill may be dissolved in water and drunk, or a chewable medication may be available in a pill.

Most senior adults want to stay healthy and active, and if they feel as though they have an advocate, they will be more likely to work with you on taking their prescribed medication.

Create a Calm Environment

It’s important to consider the surroundings when providing home health care services, and it is especially important when assisting a senior client in taking any sort of prescribed medication. If a senior has anxiety about taking medicine or is hesitant in any way, loud noises or distracting sounds might make the situation worse. In general, it is good practice for in-home caregivers to make sure the environment is calm and peaceful when providing medication services for elderly clients.

If the room that you are in has the TV going, or loud conversation is happening in the background, consider moving to a more peaceful area, or reducing the volume in some way. You could also play some of the client’s favorite music in the background, ideally something soothing and comforting. The creation of a calm environment extends to your speaking voice as well – be sure to maintain a calm, relaxed tone. This way, tensions will be kept at a minimum and your senior client will feel less inclined to get stressed over taking their medication.

Serenity Home Care Provides Medication Reminders for the Elderly

From guidance regarding elderly medical supplies to recommendations for those just beginning their careers as in-home care providers, Serenity Home Care has the knowledge and expertise that you need. We provide comprehensive, in-home senior care services to residents of Beaverton, Oregon, and other communities throughout the Portland metropolitan area. Our team is passionate about providing the best possible care to our clients and actively works with new in-home care providers to impart the latest knowledge and training guidelines.

Our mission is to provide safe, compassionate care to clients in their homes, including the very best medication services for elderly clients. If you have any questions about the services we provide or if you want to start your employment journey with us as one of our caregivers, contact us today.

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