Day-to-Day Tasks that Worsen As You Age

Senior Woman Arranging FlowersWe might take our daily routines for granted, but they can require a lot of time and energy. Accordingly, these seemingly simple day-to-day tasks become more challenging as we age. Family and friends often try to provide support, but distance, busy schedules, and specialized needs make it hard to deliver the level of care required to help seniors feel safe, comfortable, and happy at home. Here, Serenity Home Care® takes a closer look at some of the personal care and housekeeping activities for seniors that grow more difficult with age.

Cooking, Eating, and Drinking

Delicious meals require a lot of work, from prepping, cooking, and serving to regular trips to the store.  Some seniors may not have reliable transportation, and reaching for items on upper or lower shelves can be a strain. Help is often needed in carrying items to and from the store, and changing abilities might make it hard to use cutlery or operate a range. Some seniors may also need help in staying hydrated, choosing the right foods for their nutritional needs, preparing them in a healthy way, and remembering to eat at appropriate times.

Bathing and Grooming

Slips and falls pose heightened risks for seniors, who can easily break a bone or experience a similar injury. Wet conditions in the bathtub or shower increase these hazards, especially when individuals must step into a tub or need assistance with balance as they bathe. Similar challenges can apply to other personal hygiene tasks, such as shaving or styling hair.


It’s hard to ask for help with highly personal tasks, but many seniors benefit from assistance in using the bathroom. The same mobility issues that apply to bathing challenges are at play in toileting, and sitting and rising without assistance can grow harder as we age. For those with incontinence issues, additional assistance may be required to stay comfortable and clean.

Taking Medication

Seniors with health conditions must take their medications on a precise schedule. Yet those with several medications to take may confuse pills and doses, and some require reminders on when to take medications and how to take them. Assistance may be needed to pick up prescriptions from the pharmacy and ensure their accuracy as well.


There’s nothing quite like a clean, inviting home. Unfortunately, when mobility or cognitive challenges arise, this can be quite hard to maintain. Vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and keeping bathrooms clean all require seniors to bend and stretch – not to mention navigating tight spaces, move safely around cords, and lift potentially heavy equipment. Gripping is also a problem for individuals living with arthritis, who may struggle to grip dishes while washing them or pick up items that create clutter.


Laundry facilities are often located in basements, especially in older homes. This is inconvenient when we’re younger, but it becomes dangerous when we age. Navigating stairs, sometimes without a railing or adequate lighting, with a heavy basket of laundry, raises numerous hazards for seniors facing mobility limitations, arthritis, and reduced strength and visual acuity.

Get Help With Personal Care and Housekeeping for Seniors

With support for personal care and housekeeping tasks, seniors can remain comfortable and safe in the home they love. If you or a loved one requires assistance, contact Serenity Home Care® today. Our family-owned and –operated company is licensed by the Oregon Health Authority, Health Care Regulation, and Quality Improvement and complies with the requirements of Division 536 of the Oregon Administrative Rules as a Comprehensive In-Home Agency, ensuring the best quality of care delivered by compassionate, experienced professionals. To learn more, please call 503-520-9400 today.

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