Choosing the Right Caregiver for Your Loved One

Caregiver Discusses Needs With Senior If you care for an aging loved one, you know just how much time and energy supporting them requires. While you’re happy to be there for them, hiring a professional caregiver can provide you the flexibility you need to tend to other areas of your life – without the worry that your loved one is alone or in subpar care. Here, Serenity Home Care explains the factors to consider when finding a caregiver.

Understand Your Needs

Finding a caregiver isn’t as simple as hiring the least-expensive service – you must also tailor the care to your loved one’s unique set of needs. Sit down with family members and compose a list of areas where your loved one requires aid. Some common needs include:

  • Help with daily functions, like hygiene and cleaning
  • Regular monitoring in case of falls or other forms of injury
  • Support with cooking, feeding, and nutrition
  • Transportation to appointments and activities
  • Assistance with medication or medical support
  • Regular social contact with an understanding caretaker

Focus on home care services that offer these specific forms of support. You’ll ensure that your loved one has exactly what they need without paying for unnecessary services.

Involve the Whole Family

Include all of your family’s stakeholders in the decision-making process. In this case, a stakeholder is anyone who is directly involved in your loved one’s support, including whoever will be receiving care. It also includes those contributing to that care, whether it’s a sibling who offers living space or a grandchild who occasionally cooks a healthy casserole.

Involving everyone ensures that nobody feels left out of an important conversation. More importantly, it guarantees that all of your loved one’s needs are accounted for. Meanwhile, contributing family members can plan their support around what the new caregiver will provide.

Do Your Homework

You want the best for your loved one, which is why it’s important to research your options and learn all you can before making a decision. Here are several ways to learn more about a potential caregiver:

  • Ask your coworkers, social clubs, or friends for information or recommendations.
  • Read online reviews of agencies for feedback from previous clients.
  • Search for news articles featuring the agency and make sure they’re positive.
  • Conduct an interview to ask questions, meet caregivers, and establish expectations.
  • Run background checks or ask the agency how they vet their employees.

Careful research will steer you away from inferior organizations and ensure that your loved one receives the highest possible quality of care. Plus, it will help you narrow down your options when learning whether the organization offers the exact services your loved one and family requires.

Make the Decision with Serenity Home Care

When it becomes time to navigate in-home care for your aging loved one, Serenity Home Care is here to help. Based in Beaverton, Oregon, we extend our services to seniors throughout Multnomah, Clackamas, and Washington Counties. To learn more about finding a caregiver, contact us today.

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